Game Day with Jose Ole

 This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Jose Ole. The opinions and text are all mine.

Game day with Jose Ole

 We spend an entire season cheering for our favorite team every week and we need good food to fuel our cheers. We put together game day parties and tailgates all season to help cheer on our favorite team. Then it comes down to the big game where you really need to step up your party, this year let Jose Ole help you add a delicious new line up to your game day party.

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The Geek and The Beast

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For those of you who don’t know yet my wife Brittany and I have joined forces by combining our blogs into one. I will no longer be posting regularly here on The Domestic Beast Blog, I will instead be providing all of my usual content over at The Domestic Geek Blog. After some discussion we both decided that from a business standpoint this was the best course of action for us to take.

The decision to merge blogs has not only helped our business to thrive in these few short weeks but has also taken a lot of pressure off of our family life as well. With both of us focusing our energies in one spot it gives us more time to spend with our daughter. It also makes it easier for us to accomplish more as a singular business instead of spreading ourselves between two different sites.

I will still be providing all of the same great content that you have come to find here on The Domestic Beast Blog just over at a different site. You will also notice that some of my posts have already been moved over to the other site and this will continue to happen as we move forward. I hope you still continue to enjoy our content and please feel free to comment and drop me a line, I will still be available @

Thank you for your understanding and I hope to hear from you soon!

Dawn Beyond the Sink

This is a sponsored post in which I have received compensation but all words and opinions are my own.

dawn beyond the sink

I spent five years working as a mechanic in a truck shop and as mechanics we all know the best ways to keep our tools clean in the shop, there is a parts washer that works well and also several cans of different chemicals that can shine tools up with a single spray. What about when you are not at the shop and you are in your garage at home? I used to think I had to go and buy those special chemicals for my own use until a wise old friend told me just to use Dawn.

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The Bouqs Company

pink roses up close from The Bouqs Company

 What if I told you that you could get beautiful flower arrangements that are hand picked from the side of a volcano and shipped directly to your house? You would most likely tell me I am crazy and that even if that were true it would cost a small fortune! Well that is exactly what I am telling you and I promise that it is all true. You can get flowers that were grown on the side of a volcano, handpicked for you and shipped right to your house and for an amazing flat rate price. The Bouqs Company is how this amazing feat is possible!

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Rubbermaid Roughneck #FallFixUp

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Weave Made Media® and Rubbermaid, but all my opinions are my own. #weavemade #FallFixUp

rubbermaid roughneck #FallFixUp

Last week we decided to take a family day and head out to the zoo, my daughter loves to see all the animals. Unless its a llama that you can feed, apparently she likes the larger animals to be further away from her! Anyway while we were at the zoo I noticed that they had already started some of their fall work and that got me thinking about all the fall work I have at home, so much for a relaxing zoo day right.

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Off family protection giveaway

“I received these complementary products to facilitate a review and as a thank you for doing so, all words, opinions, and pictures are my own”

off family protection giveaway

Labor Day is just around the corner and it is the final holiday weekend before school gets back into full swing, so many of us hit the outdoors as a family. Labor Day in Wisconsin is one of the most popular camping weekends all year, I heard the outdoor report on the radio and they said that only one major state park in the whole state still had sites available for the weekend! This year make it a point to get out and enjoy our beautiful outdoor areas and don’t let pesky things like mosquitoes keep you inside. OFF has been keeping us bite free for years so this year let them help keep the bugs at bay and get you out of the house and into the great outdoors. The Domestic Beast is happy to host this OFF Family Protection Giveaway to help keep you and your family safe and comfortable in the outdoors this season, register below to win an OFF prize pack!

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Should a two year old have a tablet?

Aliceana with her Nabi tablet

Should a two year old have a tablet? This is a question that we debated before eventually buying our daughter her first tablet as a birthday present for her second birthday. This has turned out to be a great investment for us and for our daughter. She is two years old and not only can she count to ten she can also read and recognize some of the numbers already! Recently she rode with me to work and as we were parked outside of bay three she looked at the giant blue number 3 and said “daddy it’s three”. I was a little shocked and then she did it again the next day, I was wearing a baseball shirt with number 49 on the back and she said “mommy it’s four”!

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how to make a tire swing

Aliceana standing next to her new tire swing

I remember the old hay rope we had up in the barn on our old farm, we used to use it to swing from the top of a little wooden motor shed over to the mixer. This was probably really dangerous, no it was definitely dangerous, but we wanted to be like Indiana Jones, I mean who didn’t back then right?

 We never did get anything more than a couple bumps or bruises, which was lucky I guess. When we first moved in to our house my wife pointed out a tree limb on one of our trees and said that it looked like a good spot for a tire swing. Now four years and one two year old later I got to work making a tire swing.

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Sandbox Memories

Aliceana in a polka dot dress playing in her new turtle sandbox

Do you remember your backyard from when you were a kid, or that special place where you would play all summer long? Most of us had a place like that when we were growing up, that special area or special piece of equipment. For me it was definitely the sandbox, we would spend our entire summer days in that sandbox with our tractors. We had an entire farm inside our sandbox, or a construction yard, or a quarry, whatever our imaginations came up with that day.

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